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Seller’s Guide

What’s my home worth? This question is always asked by sellers. The answer to it lies in Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA report is based on market data including active, pending and sold properties in neighborhood. The reason of CMA preparation is to find out the worth of your property in the eyes of a buyer. There are some online programs designed to valuate real estate too. In general these programs use computer based algorithms and bots. Using such technologies will not always valuate your home correctly. Also there is a difference between a listing agent, and a computer that in some cases operates at the other side of the America. 

Comparative Market Analysis or FREE Valuation Report will help you to focus your concentration on the time you will spend. Next to Valuation Report I will introduce to sellers the active marketing strategies I use to sell homes for top dollar. This is a No-Obligation procedure, and if you decide to sign the contract and list your property with me, I immediately will start the selling process. Do you want your home to be valuated by a local REALTOR?

Call (818) 259-9909 or Contact your REALTOR for your home’s FREE valuation report!